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PAHAYTC SDN BHD is a limited company established on the 9th September 1996 in Negara Brunei Darussalam. It was originally derived from Soon  Foong Timber Merchant Company, which was formed in 1960, founded by Madam Wong Siew Sing. The Soon Foong Timber Merchant Company was the key frontier for Government’s project with timber and other building material supplies. Soon Foong Timber Merchant Company eventually registered as private Limited Company with the new company name as PAHAYTC SDN BHD Private Limited Company according to its business expansion.

Pahaytc Sdn Bhd is registered as Class VI category under the Ministry of Development in Negara Brunei Darussalam.

Our major line of business is the construction of civil, building, mechanical and engineering works and property development. Over the years of experience, we have evolved into a fully integrated construction company with expertise in a wide range of construction such as dam, water pipe laying, treatment and pumping system, earthworks, drainage and sewerage system, manufacture of polyethelene pipes and oxygenated drinking water.

As part of the expansion in the business, PAHAYTC SDN BHD expands its business dimension into security system, high and low voltage cable laying and electrical wiring installation, lighting system, electronic building management, electronic control system, complete design, supply and construction of sewerage waste water treatment system, pumping system and water treatment system. Apart from that, the business establishes hot mix asphalt concrete plant, manufacture retaining walls such as manufacturing of Terra block, concrete gabion wall and erosion control system, blacksmith and trading house.

PAHAYTC SDN BHD was created by a group of Engineers, technically known for the wealth in modern market – origin consciousness, bold in striving and full of dynamic and energy. We are willing, confident, and have the ability to learn and to consult with talents to build a bright future in the construction industry and innovation in high technology. We are always open to complaints and constructive criticism, and committing ourselves to provide our optimal services. We are positive and believe that there will be more projects in the near future.

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